Located in the heart of Montreal, between the Arts District and the business district, Le Latini was adopted by the "Montreallers" since its opening in 1979. To pass along the experience of the Italian table, our recipe is very simple: premium products and a selection of Italian wines from the most exhaustive in North America.

We are known for our range of fish and seafood as well as our choice of meat and wildfowl from the most varied. The fresh and homemade pastas, they are made from barley, wheat, rice flour, cuttlefish ink or stuffed. The risotto is always simmered slowly till perfection. Over the seasons our clients are offered special products such as white truffles from Alba and the Dover sole, which comes directly from Europe every week. The philosophy of premium products holds also for olive oils, the selection of coffees, tomatoes, the desserts…all homemade...and the list keeps growing.

Add to that an open kitchen concept, terraces surrounded by peaceful countryside, three private rooms including the wine cellar where you can spend an "Enogastronomic" evenings.

Here you go, that's what makes Le Latini one of the favorite restaurants of "Montreallers".